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Realistic & Pop Art Style Portraits

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Welcome to Custom Painted Portraits Gallery! Please find below the many portraits done for satisfied clients in Realistic Style & Pop Art Style Custom Painted Portraits.

Each are labeled with the medium & style of the custom painted portrait. Artist Missi Allen works in many different styles from conventional to very creative as you will see here in our gallery.

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Looking for other artistic services? for more about the artist for face painting at your next party! to hire a caricature artist for your next event! for custom art of you, a pet, or family!

Missi is available for private art lessons, face & body painting for adult & children’s parties and events, live event painting, fine art commissions such as portraits, houses and other renderings, and print design.

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“All Smiles” Pop Art Style

Painted portrait. Oil Pastel

“All Business” Pop Art Style Painted portrait. Oil Pastel

“Silver Fox” Pop Art Style

Painted portrait. Oil Pastel

“Visionary” Pop Art Style

Painted portrait. Oil Pastel